This is a page where I will shut up and let other people do the talking. Here is what some people have said about my classes. I hope it will give you an idea of what to expect but please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions:

Jo embodies everything that yoga itself should be – helpful, caring, considerate, and fun! She is welcoming and friendly, making you feel completely at ease, whilst still challenging you to progress in each pose with (gentle) encouragement. You’ll leave her classes feeling a fantastic combination of energised and relaxed!  Jo’s love for yoga is clear and she passed it on to me. I miss her classes!


Jo is supportive she works to your level while trying (very gently) to challenge you. She has many variations of the poses /supportive practices that mean you can engage whatever your ability. She works with the body and the mind to bring the two in sync. I always left her classes feeling relaxed and calm. A good, calming and welcoming teacher that I would definitely recommend.

Laura M

She has a great way of making yoga accessible to everyone with her openness, acceptance, and humour. Her keen eye for detail never misses a trick and she always seems to know if your hamstrings need stretching that bit more (hamstrings being my nemesis!). I never felt judged or inadequate for not being able to do all the positions fully. Whatever your ability I would recommend Jo’s yoga classes, she’ll ensure that you make the most out of the sessions without pushing you beyond your limits

Laura M

Having studied with Jo as a fellow student, and then again in her class for a number of years, I can confirm she is an excellent teacher. Her manner is very friendly and welcoming and her style of teaching is kind and gentle whilst still encouraging you to achieve your best possible results. Iyengar Yoga is a path suitable for all ages and abilities, beginners to advanced practice, and I would recommend Jo to anyone looking for a class, you are very lucky to have her.

This method of yoga practice will teach you to become more aware and in tune with your body and posture, and the style and pace of Iyengar gives you plenty of room for awareness and growth with no sense of rushing or struggling from one posture to the next which can be found in other forms of practice. For me, it has changed my approach to many aspects of my life and helped me gain greater sense of awareness of both my physical body and its link to my mind.

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